Tummy Ache


AGE: 3-7

Laugh out loud fun for all the family!

Each player takes a place setting board and attempts to use the cards to make an edible, healthy meal on it.

But look out for some horrendous, yucky combinations which might would to tummy ache!

Children will enjoy the organised chaos of this as they experiment and explore some weird and wonderful combinations, including the bugs, slugs and worms they can see in amongst the everyday foods.

A fun way to develop communication about food.

For our family, the sign of a truly great game is when our children (we have 2 boys) play with the game and then build upon it, adding their own rules and using the cards and boards in a variety of imaginative games of their own. They really do that with this and it’s been a big help in them understanding food and why it’s important and being able to communicate all this.

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