Pirate Ship Jigsaw Puzzle and Poster


O-arrr me hearties!

A more advanced jigsaw, made up of 100 pieces and for children aged 5-9.

We had to include this in our range after the enthusiasm our eldest son Michael had for the pirate unit at Bishopton Primary.

This would be the perfect puzzle to do with your child and use it to discuss what they’ve been learning in class.

Hover over the image or click to enlarge and see the detail and vivid colour that makes this such a popular item.

Discuss, laugh and play as learning comes to life. Children will develop their imaginative play abilities, build observation skills, increase their knowledge of the world and reinforce counting skills…without even realising!

And who knows…they might even share with you a little more about what they’ve been up to at school!

Includes a GIANT pirates poster!

Puzzle size 61.5x42cm/24.2×16.5in (approx)
Poster size 61.5×42.5cm/24.2×16.7in (approx)

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