Panini World Cup 2018 Football Stickers (100 Packets)

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We’ve found these Panini sticker collections to be a really innovative fun way to build early numeracy awareness and even some geography when our 2 sons were younger. The back of each sticker contains a number and they have to find the matching number in the album and then put the stick in it! Numbers go from 1 right up to around 600 – there’s no pressure to complete the full set but your kids will likely enjoy looking for a match, learning about the numbers and then the tactile experience of peeling the backing off and trying to put the sticker in a neat fashion in the album – so they’re getting some manual dexterity development too.

Older children will enjoy discussion around the different countries competing in this year’s World Cup. Where are they on the map? What’s it like to live there? All great discussion and story telling points.

Join the fun and build your collection of Panini FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 football stickers.


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