Panini World Cup 2018 Football Stickers (10 Packets)


Early stage numeracy and geography have never been such fun!

You might be a football fan, sticker collector or looking to get your children interested in football and competitive sport.

I was all of the above at the last World Cup, got an album and played in the evenings with my kids opening the packers and sticking them in. It quickly emerged that Michael and Lewis were more interested in the numbers on the back of each sticker, and the different countries represented in the album than the football itself. I realised what a great learning tool football stickers could be!

Older children (and grown ups!) of course will have their own interest in the teams and players and will swap doubles with friends. But in our house, football sticker collecting has been a great starting point for developing numeracy and even geographical awareness. Football players from around the world sport a wide variety of looks – some they’re born with, some through choice – but all great starting points for discussion around what makes us different, what we have in common and what truly matters.

Join the fun and build your collection of Panini FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 football stickers.

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