Old MacDonald Lotto

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You’ve heard the song, now play the game!

Kids love animals, especially the lavish, personality filled illustrations you find throughout the Orchard Toys range.

This is suitable for children aged 2-4 and can be enjoyed by 2-4 players.

Each player takes a board which features an engaging farmyard scene and 6 pictures to match with cards. An additional larger picture features a human in the role of ‘farmer’. Depending on the board selected, this may be a farmer identifying as male or female. This range of toys does seem to do a good job or representing men and women equally across a range of roles.

Children will likely already be engaged with the animals but game also serves as a positive introduction into areas such as ‘where does food come from?’ and ‘what does the dog do on a farm?’

A firm favourite with our boys and we hope you enjoy it too.

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