Match And Spell


AGE: 4+

Made In Britain, teacher tested and a multi award winning best-seller, this is the ideal game to put some fun in your child’s first steps in literacy.

It’s designed to bring value and enjoyment for single children playing on their own as well as with friends, brothers and sisters or parents and carers.

They way children play Match And Spell will evolve as their skills increase.

This game has been a huge help to thousands of children as they get to grips with reading and writing and it was a huge hit in our house, so it’s a must for us to include here and we hope it proves every bit as useful in your home.

The most basic way to play involves matching letter cards to the letters shown on the player’s board in order to build a word. So it’s simply helping them become familiar with recognising the letters and then putting them into words and understanding how the words are built.

More advanced play sees children turning their board over and using the letter pieces to build words purely from seeing the item in a picture. eg The letters are not there for them to look at.

When children have mastered this game, typically once they are over 5 and settled  into Primary 1, you might consider the companion product, Match And Spell Next Steps.

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