Giant Town Large Jigsaw Playmat


For children 3+
Connects to all products in the Orchard Toys Giant Road System
Works best on a hard surface

Get ready for hours of fun with this one!

We think this is ideal for toddlers and pre-school children who may be experiencing their first trips to the shops with nursery class. Our youngest son came home buzzing from Cairellot Nursery recently after a visit to the Pound Shop! Young children love a slice of real life and this puzzle includes elements such as filling up with petrol, visiting a chemist, department store, cake shop or toy shop. Cars zoom their way around town, in and out of the car park…all things children will have seen on their own little adventures when out with you.

This makes it real and the play pieces let children control their own scenarios.

First, they have to build the town scene using the 15 chunky jigsaw pieces. Then, use the 15 character and vehicle pieces to bring the town to life. Create your own scenarios, tell stories, you can even use your own toy cars for an even more imaginative experience.

And since Giant Town jigsaw connects to all other products in Orchard Toys’ Giant Road System range, you can link this puzzle to others and build your own metropolis! Find a friend with other items in the range and combine your cityscapes!

Giant Town jigsaw works best on a hard surface and when complete, the puzzle in this pack measures 86x70cm/34x27in.

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