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Artificial Intelligence Makes Us Appreciate Each Other Even More

Google shocked the world at a conference this week by demonstrating its new ‘Google Duplex’ virtual assistant.

The tech company showed video of an artificially intelligent ‘bot’ calling a hairdressing salon, speaking to the staff member, interacting with them very naturally and making an appointment. It sounded just like a real human being. Take a look.

We are extremely excited about the possibility technology offers us. It has the potential to do away with mundane, repetitive tasks.

But there’s only value there if dropping these tasks frees us up to spend more time doing things we truly enjoy with the people we care about most. Computers, machines, virtual reality – it should make our lives easier. Make us happier.

Too often, the opposite becomes true.

This same week, Google also announced a feature on phones which will alert users to the fact that they’ve spent too long starting at their screen. We’re working too hard, not connecting with the each other enough.

All this gives us an opportunity to think about how we spend our time. What we enjoy. What truly matters.

And we hope you will agree that spending time with our children – playing, teaching, learning from each other, watching them grow is of huge important.